Self-publishing gives you the freedom to choose how you want your book published, what you want your book to look like, and how your book is marketed.

It also leaves the power in the hands of the storyteller: you! For example, with traditional publishing the editor and publisher would weigh in heavily on which aspects of a novel should be cut, expanded, or further developed—after all, they have a vested interest in creating the most profitable book possible. In self-publishing, you retain creative control.

One of the major benefits of self-publishing versus traditional publishing? You keep all the profits you make from your book sales! As a self-published author, you won’t lose large cuts of your book sales to your publisher and your literary agent.

Do you help me write my book?

We have an array of tools to help authors through the writing process!

Not sure where to start? Ask our Publishing Consultants about our 4-Step Coaching consultation to get those creative juices flowing. Prefer one-on-one guidance from a professional editor as you navigate the writing process? Our Author Development Program is right up your alley.

We offer professional book editing (adhering to the Chicago Manual of Style, the holy grail of editing in the publishing industry) to help you whip your manuscript into shape after it’s finished. If you’re looking for a proven co-author to ghostwrite your book for you, our seasoned senior editors will skillfully craft your book from your journals, notes, interviews, or even sermons.

Confidence is key, and our team of consultants and professional editors is ready and waiting to help you deliver a bookstore-worthy book on publication day!

Will my book make the cut?

As long as your book does not contradict our Statement of Faith, we can publish it!

We produce all kinds of books here at Naberm Publications: from autobiographies to poetry to cookbooks and children’s tales. Whatever your book-dream is, our team can help you achieve it. Our only manuscript guideline is that your book does not violate our Statement of Faith, and that any graphic content does not exceed the norms of what is generally acceptable in Christian literature.

How long does it take?

Ready-to-go manuscripts can be finished as quickly as 45 days, but remember: the Mona Lisa wasn’t painted overnight! We recommend planning to take 3-6 months for your book project. Why? This allows time for services like manuscript reviews, editing, and design decisions. Your new book will be seen by friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and a copy might even make its way down to the coffee table of your great-grandchildren. It’s worth the time to do it well.

Another important step takes place while the book is being developed: your pre-marketing. We’ve seen that books with active and heavy pre-marketing campaigns sell more copies, both immediately and over the long haul. This is the perfect time to build the hype!

How much does it cost?

The total cost of publishing will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your book, the style of printing you prefer, and distribution model you select.

We offer a range of publishing packages and payment plans that can be customized to meet both your financial needs and your publishing goals. We all know our budgets and our dreams don’t always see eye-to-eye, so your personal Publishing Consultant will work quickly to determine publishing paths that best fit your goals, and provide clear-cut options to choose from.

What will my book look like?

Forget what your mama told you: everyone judges a book by its cover—and it’s no wonder when there are so many stunning covers lining the shelves of bookstores today!

As a self-published author, you have the freedom to design your own book cover, but why not leave it to the professionals? Our accomplished graphic designers will create a cover that fits within your genre, captures your story, and catches the eye of potential readers.

Your interior is important too, and will be laid out by our talented team of typesetters, who will style your text to fit your genre and match your overall tone.

Where will my book be sold?

For print-on-demand authors, your book will be available on much-loved retail websites like, and Your book will also be featured on its own page in the Naberm Publications bookstore, where authors can sell copies at full retail value without sharing cuts with retailers—just like selling copies to readers in person.

Authors who choose our Expanded Distribution model will also have their book pitched to a select group of retailers (Barnes and Noble Small Press, Baker and Tayler, Folett) for physical placement in bookstores.

My book is out—now what?

It’s time for a book launch!

Start by planning a launch party for local friends and family, where you can sell and sign physical copies of your book. Spread the word about your book on your social media and blog, and let local media outlets and bookstores know about your new release.

After your initial launch period is over, it’s important to continue promoting your book—books don’t sell themselves! Our marketing specialists offer a wide selection of marketing services that can promote your book across social media, in global trade shows, through internet and magazine ads, press releases and other traditional platforms.