Kamah Gueh-Thoronka is the proud mother of four children; three girls and one boy. She is married to Ishmael Thoronka for 15 years and they are partners in their Law firm. She is the CEO of Thoronka Law Offices. She manages over 15 employees including four attorneys in two different locations; Maryland and Virginia. Mrs. Thoronka is an accomplished business woman who represent over 400 clients, both in immigration court and in business. She is a licensed practitioner in both Massachusetts and Maryland for over 15 year. She has sustained a very long success litigating cases before the immigration court around the nation, defending her clients from being deported. She has successfully defended cases against major companies like 7up, and the Prince George County Police Department. She earned her BA degree in Political Science/ Pre-law in 1996 from St. Augustine’s College, in Raleigh, NC and her JD in 2005 from Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, MA. Mrs. Thoronka is currently working on her doctorate in ministry at the Newburgh Theological Seminary in Michigan, and will be defending her dissertation on abuse against women in the church; how does the church handle abuse in relationships. Mrs. Thoronka is a gospel recording artist who launched her first album as a testament of God’s grace after her son’s life was spared from premature death.
She is a minister of the gospel who has been singing since she was 3 years old; she has used her gift of song to heal. Mrs. Thoronka is an author with her first published book, My testimony, a journey through the NICU, and is currently working on her memoir, the power of pain and redemption. She is a motivational speaker, who has spoken to dozens of organization especially on leadership and empowerment of the young generation. She was asked to sit on the panel of experts a the Federal Bar Immigration Immigration to speak to her peers and judges on the issues of crimes of violence being void for vagueness; a Constitutional issue facing the immigration community. Mrs. Thoronka has used the platform of her profession and office to personally mentor many young women through stages of confusion in their lives. She has helped many women living in domestic violent or abusive relationships to file for their green card on their own as a result of their domestic situations. She has spoken out vehemently against domestic abuse and has provided resources and encouragement to women living in such a situation.
She is a philanthropist who gives to many churches, and organizations to support charitable causes, especially organizations supporting prematurity of babies, and leadership, and empowerment. She sits on the Board of Brother’s Making Moves; an organization created to support the mentorship of young men; she is also a board member of Women of Character ministries, an organization created to strengthen women and provide resources. She is also a member of the Board of Sam Owusu’s Ministries, USA, which cater specifically to empower and create leadership for young people. She is the Director and founder of Kamah Thoronka Ministries; created to empower young people, heal women that are broken and in abusive relationships, and provide leadership and mentorship to young women striving to know themselves and find their purpose. Mrs. Thoronka is a preacher, called to ministry in just recent times and ordained on October 5, 2019, she is electrifying the pulpit with the true gospel as God has called her to do. Her mandate is to preach, teach the people of God through healing.